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Traveling Internationally With Pets

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If you’re a pet owner planning to travel internationally, there are a few things to think about before bringing Fido or Fluffy along for the ride.

Pet owners need to consider the rules and regulation for their specific airport, airline, departure location, and above all, the destination.

In the UK, something called the Pet Travel Scheme has a checklist of rules and regulations—including a microchip, rabies vaccination and a blood test…to be completed in that order.

Your pet also must get a tick and tapeworm check at least 24 hours before traveling.

Pets that don’t qualify must spend six months in quarantine.

Headed to Mexico? Travelers must present a pet health certificate signed by a veterinarian issued 10 days or less before entrance.

Even right here in the US there are some limitations.

Hawaii is free of rabies and intends to stay that way.

Pets that meet a checklist of requirements may be held for five days or less.

If not, you’re looking at 120 days in quarantine.

And when flying to Hawaii, pets must travel as checked baggage in the cargo hold, which can be stressful—and even dangerous.

Bottom line: it may be tempting to bring your best friend along for the ride, but pay attention to the details before making that decision.

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