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Conquering Your Fear of Flying At the Airport

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If you’re afraid of flying, don’t worry…you’re not alone. The good news is there are workshops to help conquer phobias—and in many cases, it’s happening right there in the airport.

Pre-9/11, fear of flying classes were a lot more experiential, with visits to cockpits and hangars.

These days, a lot of work is done in the classroom, but a reputable program will usually end with a real flight.

At the General Mitchell airport in Milwaukee, courses are available in February and October.

Led by an aviation psychologist and certified flight instructor, classes are $175 and end with a short flight on a commercial aircraft.

The Fear of Flying Clinic in Northern California offers three sessions a year at San Francisco International Airport.

Classes include conversations with professionals like pilots, flight attendants, aircraft mechanics, and air-traffic controllers.

Participants also get to tour an air traffic control tower and a commercial airliner. Why all the meetings and tours?

Because for many, the fear of flying comes from not understanding how a plane works, and what causes strange noises in the air.

And in Westchester County, New York, the six-session Freedom to Fly workshop includes individual meetings with a counselor and ends with a flight from New York to Boston and back … hopefully phobia-free.

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