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Weird Rules of the Road in the USA

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It’s one thing to deal with rules of the road in foreign country. But if you’re not careful, you could end up breaking the rules in another state!

New Jersey and Oregon are the two remaining states that don’t allow self-serve pumping at gas stations. In fact, you could get fined for trying.

And how many of you have gotten caught for turning right on red?

It’s a legal move unless a sign is posted saying otherwise, but if you’re unfamiliar with the road, those signs can be difficult to spot.

In states like Maryland and California, it’s illegal to leave animals unattended inside a vehicle under dangerous conditions.

What constitutes “dangerous conditions” is up to interpretation, but for your pet’s sake, it really pays to be safe, rather than sorry.

But then there are the wackier laws, like on the resort island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, where it’s illegal to store trash inside your vehicle.

In Tennessee, it’s illegal to shoot any game EXCEPT for whales, from inside your car.

In Glendale, California, it’s illegal to jump from a car moving at 65 miles an hour or more.

And you may want to steer clear of University City, Missouri, where they say it’s illegal to honk … someone else’s horn.

But just in case, double check the local laws about honking horns in general—or that could be yet another fine you rack up on your driving vacation.

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