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Senior Travel

Vacations for Care-Givers

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If you’re one of the 50 million Americans taking care of a sick or aging family member, you know how easy it can be to burn out, and how difficult it can be to get away. So what options are out there?

Of course, the cheapest option is to enlist the help of a family member or friend, or arrange for several people to come in shifts.

But that comes with some serious responsibility—make schedule that clearly spells out meals, medicines, appointments, and a list of emergency and doctor’s phone numbers.

Another possibility is to ask around at your local senior center, church or caregiver support group.

They may have resources to help find respite care, and can make the most sense if the person in need of care doesn’t require special medical assistance.

The good news is that some assisted living facilities actually offer short-term stay options.

For example, Sunrise Senior Living, Emeritus Senior Living, and Classic Residence by Hyatt offer full-time care for a daily rate.

Or, the person you’re caring for is able and willing to travel, why not bring them along?

Royal Caribbean offers targeted “special needs” cruises.

Access Tours offers trips to national parks for the disabled and slow walkers, while an agency called Connie George specializes in arranging accessible travel.

Bottom line: If you can be flexible and creative, you may be able to take that much-needed break, which can be crucial.

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