Watching Your Favorite TV Shows When Traveling

If you hate missing your favorite shows while you’re on the road, don’t worry. There are now more options than ever to keep up with your television habits.

You may have heard of the Slingbox, which allows you to remotely watch whatever is on your home television.

The way it works is that you purchase the initial Slingbox device for about $200.

It then redirects the signal from your television to your computer or even to your smartphone using a broadband connection. It even works with shows that you’ve recorded at home.

Another option is to watch video on demand, with services like Netflix.

Instead of receiving DVDs in the mail, you can now watch your favorite shows and movies streaming right onto your PC or Mac, starting from $8.99 a month.

Another option is Hulu, which streams major network and cable television shows for free on your computer.

The big downsides are that you’re limited to what’s available on their service, and you’re forced to watch a commercial beforehand. But did we mention that it’s free?

And then there’s a Web site that’s easy to remember:

This one is owned by CBS (full disclosure: Peter is travel editor for CBS News), and unlike Hulu, it’s got a mobile application, so you can watch select TV shows right on your iPhone or iPod.

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