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Solo Women Travel Tips

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If you’re a woman traveling solo, this one is for you. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not safe to travel on your own. It’s entirely doable—if you pack a little common sense and have the right resources in hand.

One great resource is Women Welcome Women.

This women-only travel network allows women around the world to connect—so if you’re traveling alone, you have built-in contacts to show you around their city, and maybe even a place to stay.

Membership for this network is about $60 a year, so of course it’s only worthwhile if you keep up the contacts.

Another online resource is, run by a woman whose job is to travel solo and collect helpful tips from other travelers.

For example, don’t stay in large, impersonal hotels; instead, choose smaller, independent hotels or B&Bs.

Before you go out, alert the front desk and leave them a copy of your itinerary so someone knows where you’re expected to be and when.

Also, you can check the US State Department Web site for tips on specific countries’ political situations, local embassy contact, and any travel advisories that might especially apply to people traveling alone.

And lastly, make sure to check traditional travel sites like Boots n’ All and Transitions Abroad, which have specific sections geared toward women and solo travelers.

For more info, check out our Women’s Travel section.

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