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Charging Gadgets on the Road

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These days it seems impossible to hit the road without our cell phone, laptop and digital camera. The problem is: how the heck do you keep them all charged up?

Well, there are now a few options out there.

One is called the M-Cube 90, a universal charger that can power all your devices that have a USB port.

What’s cool about this is it can plug into a wall or your car cigarette lighter and it has several adapters for airplane usage.

Or there’s something called the Chargepod. It may seem like a lot of wires, but it can charge up to six items at a time without turning into a tangled mess.

In theory you can charge 3,000 types of devices, but the big drawback is you have to pay for each adapter.

And then there’s a gadget with a funny name: the PowerMonkey.

You can charge it the traditional way, or use the solar power option.

It can hold a charge for up to a year.

So if your device runs dry, you can use the PowerMonkey as a backup power source for hours at a time.

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