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Healthy Eating Tips for Road Warriors

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Road warriors know that it’s tough to eat right when traveling, especially when dealing with cocktail parties, dinner meetings, and of course, the airport. But here are a few tips on not letting business get in the way of your health.

The key isn’t to deprive yourself of the things you want. It’s about making compromises.

First, let’s look at the facts.

One martini before your work dinner will add at least 85 calories to your day and if you do that a couple of days each week, don’t be surprised when you’ve gained one pound in just about two weeks.

So you still want that martini?

Then how about eating a little less dinner?

You can always check out restaurant menus online ahead of time and then pick a healthy dish.

That way you won’t even be tempted at the table.

One of the most common roadblocks is when people skip meals and then load up later on lunch or dinner.

And here’s my biggest tip: before you ever eat anything or even order anything, drink a full bottle, that’s right, a full twelve ounces, of water.

You’d be surprised how much that fills you up.

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