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Portable Travel First Aid Kits

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No one is immune to bumps and bruises on the road so it’s usually a good idea to travel with a portable medical kit to deal with minor injuries.

An easy way to do this is to buy a pre-made medical kit from a drug store for just a few dollars.

This will get you a portable box, bandages, butterfly stitches and some antiseptics.

But maybe that’s not enough for your next adventure …

There’s a company called Adventure Medical Kits they have a dozen options depending on you type of travel.

A kit for backpackers and hikers costs $18 dollars.

It includes the usual bandages and painkillers plus moleskin for blisters as well as tick and splinter removers.

More advanced kits from other companies include the paddler’s kit for about $60, which combines the basic stuff along with survival tools such as an emergency blanket, and waterproofing seals to repair your gear.

A travel-specific kit for about $70 also includes a patient assessment form and even 3-ounce bottles to carry liquid on an airplane.

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