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Same-Day Flight Change Fees

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to change to a different flight on the same day, you would just go standby. But now, a number of airlines are charging something called “same-day change fees.”

Frontier Airlines recently angered customers when it began charging the difference between your original fare and the price of a new ticket departing on the same day, which could sometimes add up to hundreds of dollars.

OK, now they’ve reduced that, but they’re still charging a flat $75 fee for a same-day ticket change.

United also has one of the highest change fees of $75, which you have to fly within three hours of the change.

But to get around this exorbitant cost, you’re still allowed to fly standby for free.

American Airlines now charges $25 to change to a confirmed seat.

The good news here is that you can make the change within 12 hours of departure, and you can do it over the phone.

With this one, I say it’s worth it to avoid hanging around the airport waiting to go standby.

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