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Crash of the Concorde on Dateline – Tune in Sunday!

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Dateline NBCThis Sunday, February 22, a one-hour Dateline special…

“Black Box Mystery: The Crash of the Concorde”

Hosted by Peter Greenberg

Nearly nine years ago, on July 25, 2000, an Air France Concorde headed to New York crashed less than two minutes after takeoff from Paris, killing 113. This wasn’t just any crash.

It was the Concorde, the legendary, almost mythical supersonic jet. The aviation world was rocked. And the eyes of the world were focused on the crash site.

What happened? Why? No one knew. And then, just a few months ago, French authorities indicted Continental Airlines and charged it with manslaughter in the deaths of those 113 people.

This Sunday, for the very first time, Peter Greenberg reveals what really happened to flight 4590 in a one-hour Dateline special on NBC.

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