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Sleepwalker Oriented Hotel Programs Make Sure You Sleep Well

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Have you ever been caught sleepwalking at a hotel? Believe it or not it is a growing problem.

A survey commissioned by Travel Lodge in the UK found that 3 million adults sleepwalk more than once a week.

So why not stay in a hotel that’s attuned to sleeping problems?

The Crown Plaza properties have a Sleep Advantage Program that was developed with the help of a doctor with an expertise in sleep disorders.

The program includes Quiet Zone floors, sleep masks, earplugs, and a lavender scented mist.

If you’re really worried about getting a good night sleep try the Benjamin Hotel in New York, which offers an actual “sleep guarantee.”

The hotel even has a sleep concierge who has 13 different kinds of pillows to choose from.

And if it’s a really serious sleeping problem then head to Canyon Ranch in Tucson Arizona.

This wellness resort has a sleep lab where doctors can analyze you over night and develop a program of therapy, exercise and nutrition to help you sleep.

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