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TSA-Friendly Laptop Cases?

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You may have heard that the TSA recently approved checkpoint-friendly laptop cases. But are they really worth it?

Some of the bags referred to as checkpoint-friendly are nothing more than slim sleeves or cases designed to hold just the notebook and must be carried inside your regular bag.

So guess what? You still have to remove the laptop when you get to the checkpoint.

Not much of a deal. Other TSA-friendly laptop cases allow a notebook to actually remain inside the case.

They’re designed so that the bag unzips and folds open with the laptop still inside while it goes through the security belt.

The inside compartment is clear so that the computer can be viewed. But guess what?

The bottom line is you still may have to remove the notebook because it’s all subject to the whim of the TSA screeners.

Skooba makes one for $145. Swiss Army’s model can cost up to $250.

Gadget guy Phil Baker travel-tested these two options: see what he found out.

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