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Five Star Restaurants At Airports?

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Dining at most airports used to be a bizarre contest where you tried to guess the age of the mystery hot dog on the grill. Now, thankfully, things have changed.

At Boston’s Logan airport, terminal B is where you’ll find chef Todd English’s restaurant Bonfire. It offers traditional Argentine steakhouse fare, with European and American influences.

At JFK’s terminal 5, fine dining is actually part of the design.

The terminal was closed in 2001 after TWA folded, but it is now part of the expanded JetBlue terminal.

The giant food court now includes an Asian restaurant, a tapas bar (no, not a topless bar) and a trendy Italian restaurant.

And at Heathrow’s terminal 5, it’s really worth it to stop by Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Plain Food. That’s right – it’s just called Plain Food.

At this place you can sit down for upscale British food such as roast beef with foie gras, and of course, don’t forget that bottle of champagne.

Or you can take a pre-packed meal with you on the plane.

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