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Airport Public Transportation

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Public transportation is almost always cheaper than taking a cab to the airport, and in some cases it will actually beat the taxi to the airport.

But in many cases public transportation can be slower, especially if you’re carrying luggage, and you’ll arrive at the airport looking like a refugee.

First, the good news: Cleveland, for one, has a great light rail service from the airport.

It travels from baggage claim to the city center every 15 minutes and is only $1.75.

San Diego has a great metro bus that gets you from downtown to the airport in 15 minutes and costs $5.

If you’re heading from Manhattan to JFK, that’s when things get tricky.

Cabs charge a flat rate of $45, which sounds like a good deal, but that doesn’t include tolls and tip.

You could spend $7 to take the AirTrain to Queens, and then the subway from there, but if you’re schlepping luggage, it’s cumbersome and time-consuming.

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