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Legal Vs. Illegal Souvenirs

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When you spend money on a souvenir, you don’t want it to be broken, lost or seized at the border. Here’s what you need to know about packing or shipping your souvenirs.

Start by checking the U.S. Borders and Customs Web site to see which items have rules and regulations on shipping.

For example, certain textiles from Africa may be subject to a tax at the border.

Gold, which used to be prohibited, can now be brought into the U.S., but not if it comes from certain countries like Cuba, Iraq, Iran, or Serbia.

Just about every U.S. state makes wine, but it’s illegal in most states to ship it.

And if you’re tempted to pack souvenirs in your suitcase to save on shipping costs, make sure to pack extra duct tape and bubble wrap before you go.

Then, wrap it up in your dirty laundry, just in case.

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