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Domestic Airline Cutbacks

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You may have heard about domestic airlines cutting capacity across the board later this year. Well guess what, it’s happening now, and here’s how it’s going to affect you…

Delta is cutting 13 percent capacity across the board.

That means they are going to cut the fleet of about 15 to 20 mainline aircrafts and 60 to 70 regional jets.

Northwest is also cutting back.

Continental is pulling out of about 11 cities, and American is cutting domestic capacity up to twelve percent.

What does that mean?

They’re cutting flights in Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, and Fort Worth. And Continental is actually going to ground about 70 aircraft by the end of next year.

What does this all mean to you?

You better check your reservations not just once but twice because your preferred airline may not be going there anymore.

And if they are, the fares are going to jump, so book now.

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