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Protecting Your Laptop When Traveling

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Here’s a recent study that might scare you. A survey of 106 major airports and 800 business travelers has revealed that about 12,000 laptops are lost at U.S. airports every week and only about 30 percent of travelers ever recover them.

But there’s some good news. The first advice might seem like a no brainer, don’t let your laptop out of your sight.

Don’t put it on the floor when you take a phone call and whatever you do don’t put it in that overhead bin on the plane, you might forget it.

Another scam in airports can take place at the security check point.

Two people will be ahead of you in line, and as you put your items on the conveyer belt the first person goes through, but the second one gets scanned.

That’s right, he’s carrying a lot of metal in there.

So while you’re held up in line, the first person that went through is already snatching your laptop on the other side of the checkpoint.

Bottom line is, hold on to your laptop, and if you’ve got sensitive data in there, whatever you do, encrypt it.

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