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Immunization Insider Tips

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Many people won’t travel for fear of contracting diseases like malaria or dengue fever. Well, fear isn’t a reason to miss a chance to travel—you just need to plan ahead.

Hepatitis A can be spread by contaminated food or water, so that’s one vaccination that you want to get before your travel.

The second is tetanus. You only need a tetanus shot once every 10 years, but be certain that you’re up-to-date before you fly.

To plan ahead, get a copy of the Yellow Book from the CDC—it costs about $30 and breaks down where diseases are prevalent and what vaccines you should get.

But, here’s a personal tip: I disagree with the CDC’s advice on taking the drug Larium to prevent malaria.

I’ve seen people airlifted out of Nairobi from the side effects.

Instead, infectious disease specialists are recommending a new drug called Malarone, which they claim has fewer side effects.

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