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Summer Camps for Adults

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If you miss the fun of summer camp, why not head off to sleep-away camps that are designed especially for adults?

Camp Bombshell is a series of women’s-only retreats created by a group of ladies known as the Miami Bombshells.

A three-day getaway will cost you about $900, including plenty of wine and chocolate, and the rules say that sweatpants are required and makeup is not allowed.

Or you can head to Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont to Big Kids’ Camp.

A four-day summer getaway costs $189 and includes kayaking, rock climbing, and even skateboarding lessons to help you re-live your childhood.

And, if you want to travel with the kids, head to Purity Spring Resort in Maine.

A summer getaway means sleeping in a cabin with your family, and enjoying traditional camp activities hiking, arts and crafts, and archery.

And on this camp experience, even the family dog is allowed.

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