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Buying Clothing Abroad: Sizing Yourself Up

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If you’re traveling abroad and plan on buying clothing as a gift or souvenir, different size standards can be confusing. Here are some tips that will help you navigate the clothing rack.

If you’re planning on bringing bikinis home from Rio de Janiero, keep in mind that sizes in South American countries tend to run on the smaller side.

So if your friends wear a small size in the U.S., tell them not to be offended when you bring them back a medium-sized gift.

If you’re buying a men’s shirt in Europe or Japan, a shirt that is a size 15 in the U.S. translates into a size 38.

And, if you’re shoe shopping in Italy for a guy who wears a size 8, you’ll have the most luck snagging a size 40.

Need more sizes? Check out the size conversion chart at Fashion 411.

Fortunately, sizes for gloves, socks, and stockings are generally the same in the U.S. and Europe.

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