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Women-Only Transportation

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If you’re a female traveler who’s concerned about safety while riding public transportation, you may be interested to know where you can find transportation for women only.

Earlier this year, Mexico City implemented its first women-only bus service to deal with complaints over sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

But this concept of female-exclusive transport is not a new one: Mexico has long had ladies-only subway cars during rush hour, and police segregate the sexes on platforms.

Japan has been offering women-only train cars since 1912, and these continue to be available today in the major cities.

You’ll also find trains in Rio de Janeiro, Taipei, and Cairo that also offer women-only cars. Later this year, Seoul, South Korea, will implement them as well.

Even cities in the Islamic world are catching on to this trend.

In Tehran, Iran, there is a taxi service operated solely by and for women.

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