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Buying First-Class Tickets Online

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Did you know that you could get bumped from first class? Here’s how you can avoid making that first-class mistake.

If you purchase a first-class ticket online, the last thing you want is to check in and find out that you’re actually sitting in coach.

There are two types of first-class tickets: one is a guaranteed, full-fare ticket.

The other one, commonly known as a Y-up fare, is a full-fare economy ticket that will get you upgraded, but ONLY if a first-class seat is available.

On American Airlines, this is referred to as “First with Restrictions”; On Delta, it’s called “Coach Flexible” or “Coach Y.”

On US Air, it’s called a “Preferred Instant Upgrade Fare.”

But if you click the wrong button, or the airline suffers a computer glitch, that can change what kind of ticket you’re holding.

Bottom line: Call the airline directly for any first-class ticket purchase.

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