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Last of the Drive-In Theaters

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Part of American culture used to be the drive-in movie theater.

Sadly, the number of drive-in theaters are declining in favor of multiplex cinemas.

Here are ones you can visit—before they’re gone.

At drive-in theaters, you can bring your dog, wear pajamas, control the volume, use your cell phone, and even bring your own snacks—instead of smuggling them in.

Perhaps the best news is, you can even bring your toddlers without worrying.

In warmer climates, some drive-ins are open year-round, like the Mission Tiki Drive-in in Montclair, California, or the Westwind Drive-in chain with locations in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Many drive-in theaters remain in Indiana, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania. You can visit to find one near you.

But if you miss the last of the drive-ins, don’t worry.

In New York, there’s actually a “fake” drive-in theater.

For $75, six guests can watch a classic movie in a 1965 Ford Falcon.

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