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Travel Tip: Haunted Hotels You Can Visit Beyond Halloween

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Image Credit: Toby Ord

Image Credit: Toby Ord

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the ghosts take a rest.

If you don’t mind getting cozy with some uninvited guests, here are some hotels you can visit year-round to check out some paranormal activities.

If you’re looking to add some spookiness to your vacation, try spending a night at a haunted hotel.

At the Historic Anchorage Hotel, guests log their ghostly encounters in the hotel’s guestbook.

Guests claimed to have seen a reflection in the mirror of a person not in their room.

At the Stone Lion Inn, guests have reported being awakened by a small child who comes into their room and pats them on the cheek.

And, at the Groveland Hotel of Yosemite Park, a gentleman ghost who lived in room 15 for many years died in 1927 and now haunts the room.

He apparently does not like clutter on “his” dresser, so he has been known to remove women’s cosmetics.

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