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Travel Tip: Forget Grapes, Try Fruit Wine Tastings

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Wine bottle glassMost people who go wine tasting only experience wines made from grapes.

But in locations where it’s difficult to grow good grapes, some wineries are offering unusual assortments of fruit wines. Here’s where to find them.

Maine is famous for its blueberries, but have you ever thought about tasting blueberry wine? Or how about pear? Or even apple wine?

At Bartlett Maine Estate Winery in Maine, you can taste all of these fruit wines and even bring home a bottle.

And while Georgia is known for its peaches, you can find a lot more at the Chesser Island Winery, where they create sparkling blackberry and blueberry champagnes.

But if you’ve got a craving for those peaches, try the award-winning peach wine in Central Pennsylvania, at the Oak Spring Winery.

Remember, even if conditions aren’t good for grape growing, many locations around the world can produce excellent fruits, which in turn can make unexpectedly good wines.

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