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Travel with Pets

City Transportation Services for Pets

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If you’re traveling with your pet in any big city and don’t have a car, you could be in trouble. But now, companies make it easier than ever by transporting your pet for you.

In New York, dogs aren’t allowed on subways unless they’re in carriers or acting as seeing-eye dogs.

This generally applies to most public transportation nationwide.

The Canine Cab Company, however, will pick up and drop off your pet throughout the city. Rates start at $15 one-way for up to 15 blocks, $20 for up to 25 blocks, and so on.

Note that avenues count as two-and-a-half blocks. Rates start at $75 for airport services with owner and cargo.

Chicago has similar services, Paws around Chicago Pet Taxi, as does San Francisco’s Pet Express.

Fares can get pricey, but it’s a great alternative to spending time and money on a car rental.

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