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The Complete Travel Detective Bible Debuts

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Peter Travel Detective BibleFor many people there is nothing more daunting than trying to plan a business trip or a vacation: Where do I go? What hotel should I stay in?

Where should I sit on the plane? What companies should I stay away from? What do all of these fees mean?

Peter Greenberg, the trusted travel editor of the Today show, and the man writer Paul Theroux calls “the liberator and defender of the traveling public,” is here to help answer these questions in his new book THE COMPLETE TRAVEL DETECTIVE BIBLE The Consummate Insider Tells You What You Need to Know in an Increasingly Complex World (October 2, 2007; 640 pages; Paperback; $17.95, Rodale Books).

Peter offers a complete, encyclopedic look at every aspect of the travel process, both domestically and internationally, from a true definition of travel terms to an explanation of how things really work.

  • How to make reservations that actually protect your rights.
  • How to find out the real country-by-country requirements for flying internationally.
  • How to pack and what never to pack.
  • How to avoid draconian overweight bag fees.
  • How to avoid being a tourist and travel to safe places that fearful travelers avoid.
  • What rights aren’t revealed but may be covered by your credit card.
  • How to finess the upgrade –anywhere, and almost anytime
  • Important (and not often disclosed) safety and legal tips about traveling with children

The Complete Travel Detective Bible offers this information and more, cross-referenced by term, destination, and experience—and filled with charts, lists, and diagrams—all in an easily accessible format.

Greenberg, who travels more than 400,000 miles a year (and to more than 146 countries) is an expert without equal at outplaying the travel industry at its own games, securing the best fares, accommodations, and service at the lowest possible prices. And now he shares every one of his hard-gained, ingenious insider secrets to make The Complete Travel Detective Bible the ultimate word on travel today.

Click here to read tips from The Complete Travel Detective Bible. Or, check out an excerpt online here.

About the Author:
Peter Greenberg is the travel editor for NBC’s Today show, CNBC and America Online.

Considered the nation’s preeminent expert on travel, he is the author of The Travel Detective, Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective, The Traveler’s Diet, and The Travel Detective Flight Crew Confidential.

He is also contributing editor for Men’s Health and Best Life, and his national weekly radio show is syndicated live across the U.S. on 150 stations and XM satellite radio.

In those rare moments when he is not traveling, he lives in Los Angeles.

The Complete Travel Detective Bible:
The Consummate Insider Tells You What You Need to Know in an Increasingly Complex World

Peter Greenberg
Rodale Books
On-Sale: October 2, 2007
ISBN10: 1-59486-708-9 ISBN 13:978-1-59486-708-8
$17.95, 640 pp