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An Airport Bathroom Rant Unrelated to Larry Craig

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Bathroom Signs Rant

Here’s a rant that I never see addressed, but that millions of women travelers (and perhaps men, too) deal with every day:

WHY don’t airport bathroom stalls have room for a person and a carry-on bag?!?

The uncomfortable contortions that one must conduct to angle a carry-on bag and oneself into the stall, then another wriggle to close the door: when just a few additional inches would simplify the whole situation (and there is usually more than ample floor space to have accomplished this) is an annoyance every time I travel (which has been ALMOST as much as you, of late).

Let’s not even think about the fact that often your bag is touching the toilet seat during these maneuvers: and I have more than a few bruises from bumping against toilet paper holders in the process.

I confess to dashing for the handicapped accessible stall whenever I see one available (though never in contention with a handicapped individual, of course!).

The only airport I know where there is comfortable space is Portland, OR: three cheers to Portland!

I contend: if it fits in the overhead compartment, it should fit in the stall.

What do you think? How can we improve this? (And do guys care about this, too?)


Peggy, we do care. And we agree 100 percent!

Sadly, even Peter can’t solve this problem, but thank you for brightening our day with your hilarious rant.

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