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Finding Electric Outlets in Airports

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Good luck finding a free outlet to charge your electronic gadgets in today’s crowded airports.

But now, some airports are providing nifty solutions to solve your charging woes.

Cell phone dead after spending all day at an airport yelling about a canceled flight?

Well, there are some new solutions out there to accommodate passengers who are eager to power up.

Samsung is installing about 50 power terminals at JFK that will be free, and financed by ads.

A company called PowerPort offers automated stations with recharging as well as Internet access.

PowerPort costs $4.50 per charge and you can find PowerPorts in Austin, Minneapolis, San Franciso, and a few other airports.

Smarte Carte’s Rapid Charger costs $3.00 for 30 minutes and you can find these charging stations in 18 airports such as Houston, Portland, and Seattle.

But, before you pay, check out the Air Power Wiki at Jeff for hints on where to find free outlets.

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