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America’s Movie Palaces

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Nothing beats watching film in the romantic atmosphere of an old movie palace—and you don’t have to be in Hollywood to get a seat. Here’s where you can find some of the best….

While there aren’t too many movie palaces left from film’s Golden Era, those that have survived are now becoming destinations for their history, architecture, and grand design.

Many of these older theaters boast elegantly crafted interiors, and including features like marble lobbies and staircases, chandeliers, and murals.

In Palo Alto, California, the Stanford Theater features fully restored 1920s architecture, a Wurlitzer Organ player, and only plays movies from 1929 to 1961.

In Chicago, the York Theater not only has historic architecture and films, but the museum and archives of the Theatre Historical Society of America are on the building’s second floor.

In Augusta, Georgia, the Imperial Theater shows classic and contemporary films in addition to themed film series.

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