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Charging Gadgets With Fewer Wires

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If you take lots of electronics on the road with you, here are some gadgets that will let you leave the cords you need to charge all those devices behind.

If you want to take a lot of gadgets with you when you travel, but find yourself short on space, cut the cords.

There are now two new devices that can charge almost any gadget you might want to bring.

One is the Malleable Devices Kwik-Sync, a $14.95 device that can charge two devices at once from a single socket on your laptop.

You’ll still have to carry your laptop charger, but you can forget pretty much every other cord.

Similarly, the A4Tech Battery Charger uses a laptop socket to recharge batteries.

It even has a built-in port so you don’t have to devote a socket entirely to recharging your gadgets.

The A4 Tech Battery retails for about $16.