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Hate Voicemail? Turn It Into Text

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If you’re traveling constantly and hate checking your voicemail all the time, why not try one of these services that will do it for you—and turn your voicemails into emails. There are now two services that will automatically convert voicemails into emails. One service is called Simul-Scribe. For about $10 per month, Simul-Scribe sends an email with the text of each voicemail almost as soon as it’s left. Conveniently, Simul-Scribe also sends a sound file with the email, so you can listen to the message easily if you’re not sure about the text.
Another option is SpinVox, which does essentially the same thing. But SpinVox may be the best option if you ever receive messages in a language other than English, as it can transcribe voicemails in French, Spanish and German, too. Spin Vox is currently offering a week-long free trial, but normally costs between $6 and $45 per month, depending on how many voicemails you receive.