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Travel Insurance, Yes or No?

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A reader from Bellingham, Washington asks “Should I get travel insurance for my upcoming safari vacation?”

For big trips like safaris, when you spend a lot, insurance can be a good idea. And when you get insurance, make sure it’s from an independent company, not the travel company you bought your vacation from.

Among the companies offering comprehensive insurance are Travel Guard, Travelex, Access America, and Travelsafe. To compare different insurance policies, try and .

And remember, even if you have health insurance, it probably won’t cover you when you’re abroad. So for extra peace of mind, consider medical evacuation insurance from companies like Medjet Assist, Air Ambulance, or International SOS. That way, if you do get sick or injured, you can be evacuated quickly back to a hospital in the US, without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to cover the expense.