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Travel Tip: Frequent Flyer Miles…for Pets

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Pet TravelFor those travelers who dread leaving their pets with the local kennel, or even with friends or family, there’s a frequent flyer solution that might work for you.

Several airlines have begun frequent flyer mileage programs for pets. This means that the more your pet travels with you, the less you’ll have to pay for that privilege.

United Airlines launched its United Pet Class, which gives extra frequent flyer miles to owners who have their pets fly with them.

Virgin Atlantic has an extravagant pet program in which frequent flyer miles are applicable to the pet or the owner. Fido will also get his own Pet Passport.

Midwest Airlines’ Premier Pet Program gives a free roundtrip ticket to any pet that has taken three roundtrip flights within a three-year period. And El Al’s Points for Pets club gives a free roundtrip ticket to Israel for any three roundtrips within a three-year period.

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