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Travel Tip: Are In-Car Navigation Systems Dangerous?

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Dashboard Dash GPSA GPS Navigation system in your car can help get you to your destination. But thanks to their distracting properties, they might also get you hurt.

GPS systems can help ensure you don’t get lost on your next road trip, but a new study published in the 167-year-old British Medical Journal has found that many navigation systems cause drivers to be distracted.

It’s no surprise that in-car gadgets can be distracting, but here’s the really scary part: drivers are distracted by GPS systems for longer amounts of time, and more frequently, than if they were looking at a map in their lap.

In fact, the study found, on average, drivers took their eyes off the road for a full 10 seconds — long enough to be a significant hazard.

So, if you’re going to use GPS, make sure you input your route and desired destination before you start driving.

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