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Travel Tip: The Dangers of Counterfeit Money

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Euro CashCounterfeiting happens across the globe, and with all kinds of currencies. Here are some ways to avoid getting — and passing — counterfeit money when you travel.

Counterfeit currency can pop up anywhere, which is why it’s best to avoid black market or on-the-street currency exchanges.

In most countries, one fairly secure way to obtain legit currency is from a bank’s ATM.

Most banks acts as currency watchdogs by weeding out the counterfeit bills.

Remember, when using an unfamiliar currency, spend a few moments and familiarize yourself with its look and feel.

This way, you’ll have a chance at spotting any counterfeits passed your way.

Generally, the larger the bill and the smaller the store, the higher chance you have of getting counterfeits.

So stick to smaller bills when possible — it’s the big bills that usually get counterfeited.

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