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Travel Tip: How Hackers are Targeting Frequent Flyer Miles

airportIt’s hard to earn airline frequent flyer miles, and even harder to redeem them.

But now you need to protect your hard-earned miles from theft.

Frequent flyer miles have become easy targets for cyber thieves who are stealing miles and points and then turning them into cash.

How? These folks gain access to your account because they’ve figured out your password, then they sell or barter your miles online and redeem them for either tickets or merchandise.

When was the last time you checked your mileage account or changed your password?

Recently, United changed its login procedures and no longer uses a four-digit pin number.

Now when I check my account, I’m asked security questions (e.g., Who is my favorite artist? or Where did I go to high school?) before I’m allowed access.

Since most airlines no longer mail out monthly mileage account statements, it’s up to you to monitor your account—and protect your miles.

Now, if only you could redeem them for the flights and dates you want.

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