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Escape the City This Summer With These Affordable Road Trips

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Bloomington, Indiana

Population: 82,000

1:00 from Indianapolis
1:50 from Louisville
3:45 from Chicago

Bloomington - vineyards

Like many college towns, Bloomington has a lot to offer: it’s very walkable with lots of outdoor dining, live music, and bookstores, as well as the amenities of Indiana University itself.

Downtown is dominated by the Monroe County Courthouse, which is made from the limestone that is prevalent in this part of Indiana.

This area is also known for its craft beer and wines. Upland Brewing Company, the state’s largest microbrewery, is in Bloomington. Nearby is the family-run Butler Winery, where you can tour the vineyard and taste wines made from Indiana grapes and other local fruits.

About 10 miles from Bloomington is Lake Monroe, the largest inland lake in the state, popular among locals for boating, fishing, and camping.

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