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Travel Tip: Flight Tracker Travel Apps

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Application store logoIt’s no surprise that travel can be pretty unpredictable in winter. So it pays to stay on top of schedules and yes, of course, there are apps designed exactly for that. You know the drill…a delayed flight can wreak havoc on schedules. It’s especially challenging when you’re trying to coordinate with friends or family to pick you up on time. The solution: flight tracker travel apps.

The new app, Just Landed, monitors flight delays, gate changes and baggage claim information. Then it cross-references that with local traffic. So it actually notifies users what time they need to leave the house to pick you up.

Flight Track also came out with a new version of its app – Flight Track5 – that can actually predict weather-related delays before the airlines announce them. If you’re traveling with family and friends coming from different airports, Flight Track5 will also keep you in the loop of their travel changes.

And if your flight isn’t meant to be, or you’re trying to get out early to beat the weather, check out Next Flight. It searches for all available flights based on your city pair and departure dates.

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