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Travel Tip: Winter’s Coolest Ice Bars

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icebarYou’ve heard of ice hotels, which are usually found in extremely cold cities. But if you don’t feel like traveling that far, you can get the ice experience right here in the U.S. At an ice bar!

Ever think a city in Florida could sustain an ice bar? It’s in Orlando, and it has one of the largest ice bars in the world. More than 50 tons of shaved ice.

Inside the Mandalay in Las Vegas and at the Midtown Hilton in New York, you can check out Minus 5. What I like about this place is that they provide you with a coat and gloves once you walk through the door. How cool is that? This ice bar even has an LED light show.

Obviously Minneapolis can get pretty cold, so of course they have an ice bar inside the Le Meridien Chambers downtown. Not only that, but it’s outdoors, complete with glass fire pits.

And if you can’t stand the cold, just head to the Czar Ice Bar in Atlanta for sushi and vodka. Only the bar itself is made of ice, so no parka necessary.

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