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How One Restaurant Is Helping to Turn Around Detroit

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Slows_BBQRestaurateur and entrepreneur Phillip Cooley is the first to point out there is now more demand than supply in Detroit. And local business are taking note.

The Corktown neighborhood in Detroit is becoming a go-to destination with thriving local businesses, and it was all jump-started by Cooley’s own Slows Bar BQ.

While the government of Detroit is bankrupt, the city is not without hope. Cooley is an example of a Detroit resident determined to help rebuild his city. His vision is not limited to Slows, which now has two locations in Detroit that earn about $6 million in sales a year. He has also spearheaded the renovation of local parks and the Central Michigan Train Station and serves on the board of several non-profits, including the Detroit Works Project.

Watch Peter’s latest CBS This Morning report to see how Cooley and Slows are working to build a stronger Detroit.