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Bring Home the Best Hotel Bath & Beauty Products

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hotel_productsWho doesn’t want to bring the hotel experience home? Well, you can recreate some hotel perks at home in your bathroom. Yes, in the bathroom. This month, Luxe Lavs contributors Angela Fairhurst and Natalie Compagno share the best hotel beauty products that also make perfect gift ideas this holiday season.

Luxe Lavs loves souvenirs and what could be better than taking home a bathroom amenity as a vacation’s keepsake? How about sharing your favorites with friends and family over the holiday We found some fantastic products to use, save or steal.

When it comes to amenities the Hyatt Port of Spain in Trinidad wins in the generous category. Sometimes less is more but, in this case, the products are so perfectly curated. Upon entering the hotel room, center stage, guests view the stand-alone glass shower with a rainfall showerhead. The spacious shower with a woven bench inside has a removable wall showerhead. The ledge inside the shower, next to the well-designed fogless mirror, contains the array of products at guest’s disposal. Kenet MD Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash start the line up and to protect the skin, use the Power Wash Scrub and After Sun Lotion. The body soap is a massage bar and after showering, rub in the body lotion and foot lotion to be moisturized from head to toe. Spray the bed linens with the pillow mist and gently smooth the pulse point oil for a perfect night’s sleep.  In the morning, use the SPF 15 Neutrogena face cream and lip balm and enjoy the beautiful waterfront Hyatt property.

GansevoortBathroomThe Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC has spectacular bathrooms designed by Andi Pepper with signature Prosecco-based bath amenities by Rodney Cutler that are exclusive to Gansevoort Park Avenue. Sipping Prosecco in the tub is one way to enjoy the decadence of the hotel, another is to use the bubbly infused shampoo. Gansevoort goes even further and offers guests access to a bath butler at both of their New York City properties. The bath butler is an expert in personalized bath packages including  detox, restore or revive, and works directly with guests to select appropriate salts and oils according to their needs. The butler draws the bath and explains all health and beauty benefits of the package. Sign us up!

kimberlyWe found the Kimberly Hotel in New York very ornate and charming. They have fun with their name and show their personality especially with their robe policy. Guests steal many hotel products but the most-often stolen is the bathrobe.  Some hotels leave polite notes regarding the charges that will occur when these robes disappear. The Kimberly Hotel gives away their Frette linen robe to the guests – for free – but only if your name is Kimberly! If your name happens to be Natalie or Angela you can still enjoy the luxurious amenities, the Frette linens and the lush down feather bed, but the robe needs to be left behind…or purchased.

ConradPrograms_FPConrad Hotels & Resorts offers guests the latest evolution of a customized hotel experience. Before arriving at the hotel, guests choose between three different amenity lines: Serenity by Aromatherapy Associates, Exotic by Shanghai Tang or our personal favorite, Organic by Tara Smith Vegan Hair Care.  They can also choose specific products within the line to further personalize the bathroom experience. Guests may select their amenities via Conrad Concierge, the brand’s mobile app, enabling guests to personalize and pre-arrange a number of details for their vacation.  Conrad calls it “The Luxury of Being Yourself”. We call it eco, practical and revolutionary. And if guests feel they are a combination of exotic, organic and serene then they can mix and match. Aren’t we all a little bit of everything?

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