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Travel Tip: How to Volunteer with Wildlife Rescue

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BABY_SLOTHSome volunteer travel experiences are just too darned cute to miss, especially those that let you volunteer with wildlife rescue.

The Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica is a really special place. These guys rescue creatures and work to rehabilitate them…with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. There are 2-week volunteer positions where you can get real, hands-on experiences working with toucans, baby sloths and other wildlife.

Got puppy love? Then head to Cancun where a group called Rescate Malix lets volunteers work anywhere from a couple of hours to several weeks taking care of rescued stray dogs. And anyone can help by giving one of these dogs a lift to their new homes as a flight escort.

And close to home, there’s an opportunity in Fort Lauderdale at the South Florida Wildlife Center. This is a longer-term deal, but you can really make a difference with rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild creatures…including more than 8,000 birds every year.

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Keep reading for more travel tips.