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Take a Ride on America’s Greenest Train

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The era of steam trains in America stretched from the 1820s to the 1960s. But these historic locomotives are not all relics of the past. Almost all trains powered by coal and oil are long gone, however there is one train still operating on steam. And it’s been updated with the most modern technology.

Before Arizona built the interstate or Route 66, there was the railroad. The Grand Canyon Railway was started in 1901 and the current train 4960 was built in 1923. The railways has used technology to create a greener way to operate its 90-year-old train. As Chief Mechanical Officer Sam Lanter says, “If you’re going to keep the dinosaur alive, you got to feed him correctly.”

Today, the train no longer burns fossil fuel. Instead, it runs on waste vegetable oil, the same leftover cooking oil that is used to fry chicken fingers at the railway’s own restaurant. The fuel isn’t free to operate; it costs the same as diesel fuel. But unlike diesel, it is the greenest possible environmental option.

Train 4960 is now the only one the runs to the Grand Canyon. And trust us, not only is it one-of-a-kind train technology, it’s also an unforgettable ride. Watch Peter’s latest CBS This Morning report to see everything that sets this train apart.

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