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Travel Tip: Alternatives for Business Travelers

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These days vacation rentals are changing their typical audience. Instead of family travelers looking to save money, now business travelers, who are away for more than a couple of days, recreate the home experience at an extended-stay hotel.

That’s where you can get access to a kitchen and other amenities that a traditional hotel may not have. But that’s also where a vacation rental can come in handy. For starters, there’s the extra space, which can provide much greater value per square foot.

Then there are perks like Wi-Fi, parking, laundry, and full kitchens. And for many business travelers, it’s less about the perks and more about the psychological benefit of being in a home away from home.

Still craving chocolates on the pillow? Then consider staying in a B&B. It’s not the most traditional choice for business travelers, but you get that home experience plus the added bonus of someone else doing the cooking!

Just be sure to ask about amenities that fit your needs, like early breakfast, Internet, and good cell phone reception.

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