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Weekly International Travel News Roundup

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Weekly International Travel NewsLast week Peter was in Beijing, China speaking at the World Travel & Tourism Council’s annual summit.

And this week we brought you the highlights of his trip including interviews with the movers-and-shakers in the world of travel, including Dr. Bernard Salomé of the  Millennium Foundation and Bill Marriott, CEO of Marriott Hotels.

Read on to learn more about these interviews and other highlights from

Peter recently sat down with some of the top names in the travel industry at the World Travel & Tourism Council summit. Find out what Bill Marriott had to say about the state of travel today, and what bugs him the most when he stays in a hotel.

Dr. Bernard Salome - Millennium Foundation & MassiveGoodPlus, Dr. Bernard Salomé, managing director of the Millennium Foundation, shares details on the MassiveGood program, where travelers can make a difference through microdonations.

The usually docile Greek tourism workers union is the latest group to plan a tourism-disrupting strike. The workers feel they have a legitimate reason to strike, but how have these strikes affected Greek tourism this year?

The Department of Transportation is proposing number of new rules that would penalize airlines for bumping passengers and losing luggage. Click here to read more about these new rules that may go into effect this fall.

The rising price of airfare has really been hitting travelers in the pocketbook. On the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Peter talks about why airlines are charging you more for your flight.

CBS Early Show LogoEvery year, users on list the moldiest, buggiest, and downright dirtiest hotels in the United States. On The Early Show on CBS, Peter announces the best of the worst. Plus, he reveals the germiest item in your hotel room, and what you can do to protect yourself.

In our age of email and text messaging, communicating over large distances seems easy, but during the 1800s it was a dangerous task. Janet Fullwood writes about a group that’s retracing the mail routes of the famous Pony Express.

For single parents a vacation with the kids can be a logistical nightmare, but travel companies are getting wise to these issues and offering more family-friendly options. Wendy Wegner writes about companies catering to the parent going solo.

Boating SafetySummer is a great time to head to the pier and go boating, but there are safety concerns to address before sailing off. Our boating safety guide will give you tips on how to keep you and your family safe while sailing.

Last Saturday, May 29, Peter broadcast his radio show from the Beijing International Hotel in Beijing, China. To find out some of the best places to eat and hang out in this culinary diverse city, check out our Ask the Locals Travel Guide: Beijing Restaurants & Hotspots.

And don’t miss Peter’s radio show this weekend from the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park. View the guest list here.

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