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Hotels With Spirits: The Best-Stocked Hotel Bars

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Are you partial to wine or spirits? Whatever your poison, it may be worth visiting a place that has an exceptional alcohol collection—after all, it’s part of the learning process.

If vodka is your thing, just head to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, where the Red Square bar has its own private vodka locker with more than 170 varieties.

And you can enjoy it all at the hotel’s own frozen ice bar.

When life gives you lemons, is your first reaction to break out the tequila and salt?

If so, head south to Scottsdale, Arizona’s Phoenician Hotel, which has a menu of more than 400 types of tequila.

The hotel even has its own private tequila label—though for $130 a bottle, you may want to skip the lemon chaser on that one.

In the Bahamas, the Graycliff hotel has a collection of—get this—250,000 bottles from over 400 vintners!

It has literally one of the largest wine cellars in the world.

And with more than 145 choices of champagne, patrons of Chicago’s Pops for Champagne have enough reasons to say “cheers!”

Sip enough of the bubbly in this jazz bar, and you may feel like you stepped back to 1920s Paris.

So get in the spirit of spirits and consider it and educational experience. Just remember boys and girls…drink responsibly.

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