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Organizing & Scrapbooking Your Digital Travel Photos

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Digital travel photos can seem impersonal and disorganized. But the good news is photo software is getting easier to use, so you can organize a digital photo album … and still end up with something tangible to hold onto.

A device called Fotobox Plus helps turn your travel photos into slideshows, complete with captions, music and narration that you can share with others.

It’s exceptionally easy to use, even if you’re a technological dinosaur.

Another company called Heritagemakers lets you create your own keepsake book.

You can choose from different templates and themes or create your own.

Just drop in your travel photos and type in the captions.

A small storybook starts from about $25 with 21 pages.

A similar program called works in a similar way, and you can create your own personalized hard-cover book starting from $12.95.

If you’re comfortable with photo programs, consider a more advanced software.

Polaroid’s My Memories Suite is still very user-friendly, but allows for more creativity and flexibility with the designs and backgrounds.

Bottom line: even if digital archiving isn’t your thing, there are ways to recreate the feel of old-fashioned scrapbooks and albums … but this time with your own personal twist.

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