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Digital Postcard, a New Way to Share Travel Memories

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On your next trip, instead of buying postcards from some tacky tourist trap, why not use technology to create and send your own unique postcard?

There’s a new company out there called HazelMail and it lets you turn your digital holiday snapshots into postcards.

You just upload the photo of your choice to the company’s Web site and write a message with the recipient’s address.

They then print, it postmark it and mail your postcard anywhere in the world for about a dollar and a half and it’ll get there in about a week.

Now you may have heard about something called Snapfish, an online photo album site.

But if you have an account you can also use this service to turn any of your stored photos into a custom-designed postcard.

Smilebox has gone really high-tech and lets you make personalized, three-dimensional digital postcards.

That’s right – a 3D postcard.

You download the free application onto your computer then create your card.

And when you’re done you have the option of e-mailing your card, posting it on a blog, or printing it out and mailing it.

Yes, actually put a stamp on it and mail it. What a concept!

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